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Effect of Ethanol-96% In Gasoline with Mixture Ratio Of 1:9 And 2:8 On The Combustion And Emission of 125cc Four-Stroke Engine


Electrical Engineering Department, Brawijaya University
Jl. MT Haryono 167 Malang 65145, Ph./Fax: 0341-554166


This paper is purposed to describe the development of a main control unit (MCU) in an engine to support the transition in the use of fuel, from gasoline to ethanol. The study was conducted in several stages, beginning with the initial determination of the engine character engine, followed by an in-depth observation on the effect of ethanol in a gasoline mixture with proportion of 1:9 and 2:8. Furthermore an MCU was designed to optimize the combustion process of the mixture. So far, it is found that the addition of ethanol results in less perfect combustion in a standard engine while at same time decreasing the CO gas emission level, increasing HC and O2 gases, whereas the CO2 gas tends to remain.

Keywords – MCU, ethanol, combustion, four stroke engine.

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