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The projects here are widely recognized as some of the combination between modern theories and its applications. Basicly, we are conducting these project due to develop our comitment in  science and engineering for academic purposes. On the other hand, the results of this project are needed in the fields of industry, military defense, agriculture, fisheries, and other fields continously. So, we try to develop our research project for general application. The projects were available include:

>> Instrumentation Programming

MyWrite – USB Downloader for AVR microcontroller is designed to make downloading process from the computer via USB port to the microcontroller easily. This software can be operated under Windows Operating System. Hex files can be loaded by this software and and transfered  to the minimum system target of AVR microcontroller by an electronic schematic which has developed by Thomas Fischl (USBasp Developer). We can use this software for microcontroller programming directly from our PC/ notebook. (licences and procedure of uses by Eka Maulana & Hendy Eka Hardana, AVRdude, and USBasp).

About MyWrite V1.4

Download: MyWrite – USB Downloader for AVR

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