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Eka Maulana, ST., MT., M.Eng

Basic Research

We are conducting research in the field of the fundamental and development topics. The basic research was focusing on the characterization of  the electrical phenomenons, materials, simulations, and prototype designs.
The Basic Research was focussed on:

  • Molecular Electronics and Nano Technology
  • Optic and photonic devices
  • PV and Organic Solar Cells
  • Signals and Remote sensing
  • Characterization of Analog and digital circuit
  • Instrumentation and control systems.

The Development Research include:

  • Laser Applications and Optical Fiber (OF) Sensors
  • DSSC (Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells) based on organic material
  • Robotics based on Artificial Intelligent
  • Electronic Control Unit for Smart Electric Vehicle
  • Data processing and Wireless Sensor Network
  • Design and fabrication of embedded systems

Research Group

- Smart Grid Technology
- Smart Electric Vehicle (SEV)
- Renewable Energy
- Plasma Technology
- Nano Technology

Topik Reseach yang ditawarkan untuk Mahasiswa

Research Support

There are several laboratories that support and contribute for our research. Those laboratories are Designs and Prototypes Laboratory, Digital Systems Laboratory, Robotic Laboratory, Photonic Applications Laboratory and Electronics Laboratory.

Nd:YAG LASER Experiment (UoM)
Optical Spectrum Analyzer Setup (UoM)

Tim Riset RMS

Tim Riset RMS

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