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Eka Maulana, ST., MT., M.Eng

Berikut materi kajian jurnal elektronika organik Kelas A, semester genap 2014.
(detail topik terlampir)

Materi yang perlu dikaji meliputi:

  • latar belakang masalah
  • material dan metode eksperimen,
  • hasil dan pembahasan
  • kesimpulan dan diskusi.
Nama No. J. Judul
OKKY * 1 A simple effective method to improve light out-coupling in OLED
NIZAR S* 2 High barrier properties of transparent TFE for top emission OLED
AMIRIL M* 3 Inverted bulk-heterojunction SC with cross-linked hole-blocking layer
DWI Y* 4 novel pyrene …
AKHMAD T* 5 a reduced electron…
BUSTANUL A* 6 Solution-processed annealing-free ZnO  for stable inverted OSC
MOCH AINUN 7 Charge separation in organic photovoltaic cells
APRILIANAWATI * 8 Organic field-effect transistor and its photoresponse
SWARAKA M* 9 Flexible OFET based on electrospun conjugated polymer nanofibers
STEFANUS C* 10 fabrication of screenprinting pastes TiO2 powder
M JAKA * 11 fabrication of thin film dye sensitized solar cell
M RIZAL* 12 Transition metal oxides on organic semiconductors
ANALIS H* 13 Handheld and automated ultrasonic spray deposition
YOKE DADIK 14 Enhancing the short-circuit current, efficiency of inverted OSC
RIZAL W 15 infrared absorption…
ABDUL HARITS * 16 The role of water in the device performance of OFET based gelatin
AGUNG H* 17 Accounting for variability in the design of circuits with OTFT
ABDURROQIIB* 18 Deposition of hole-transport
RICO C* 19 Annealing-free fabrication
BAYU S 20 donor-acceptor copolymer incorporating polybenzo
PRIYO S 21 Natural polyelectrolyte: Major ampullate spider silk for electrolyte OFET
RIFAN R 22 efficient monolithic solid-state
AHMAD F* 23 OPV devices hole-extraction layer deposited by spray-coating



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